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Since our founding in 1945, we have aimed to be a specialist group for mold manufacturing, working hard designing and manufacturing die-casting and molds primarily for automotive parts. By building up our own technology for more than 50 years, we have been able to create a solid position within the industry. Automobiles, cellular phones and IT products such as computers, etc., all represent a cluster of parts, and none of these products are made entirely by one large manufacturer. By teaming up with multiple companies who specialize in material processing methods for molds, etc., these types of products can then be manufactured.
People in society only see the product and have a general image of the industries and the companies who offer those products. In addition, there also seems to be less interest shown toward the structure, parts and mechanism behind those products. For the future of the 21st century, we are trying to create and project an image of ourselves as a large enterprise that is more advanced, so that people in society take notice of the industry which is involved with material processing methods for molds, etc. To that end, We are not only pursing the ideal of a more “green and people-friendly company,” but we are also taking the initiative and adopting measures toward “building clean and striking factories” and “creating a working environment more considerate toward female and elderly employees.”
Manufacturing is the lifeline of our country, and making molds represents its foundation. In the mold industry, we would like to continue to play an integral role in manufacturing going forward, while pushing the envelope of our abilities through healthy and fair competition. And, we would like to call upon your continued support for the future.

President Masao Yoshida

President Masao Yoshida

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Yoshida Kanagata Co., Ltd.

1-589 Bozuyama Yokone-machi, Obu
Aichi Prefecture, Japan, 474-0011
Phone: +81-562-48-3456
Fax: +81-562-46-1135

Located in Aichi in Japan Prefecture, Yoshida Kanagata performs die-casting, designs molds, and conducts manufacturing.