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Trade Name Yoshida Kanagata Co., Ltd.
Corporate Motto Realizing dreams
Corporate Philosophy Always challenge yourself, be creative in your work and earn trust.
Management Principle

Our company strives to be a specialist group for mold manufacturing in order to satisfy

the customer. We value communication, we aim to be honest and workas a team, and

we develop our business through everyone’s hard work. We pursuehappiness and

well-being for all employees and for society, and we are committed toward building and

maintaining an environmentally friendly planet.

Founded March 1945
Established June 1953
Locations Head Office& Main Plant

1-589 Bozuyama Yokone-machi, Obu

Aichi Prefecture, Japan, 474-0011

Phone: +81-562-48-3456            Fax: +81-562-46-1135

President Masahiro Yoshida
Employees 70
Annual Sales 1070 million yen (FY2016)
Financial Institutions The Bank of Nagoya (Obu branch)          The Hekikai Shinkin Bank (Obu branch)
Shoko Chukin Bank (Atsuta branch)     The Chukyo Bank (Obubranch)
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Obubranch)
Main Customers Denso Corporation- Head Office                    Taihei Shoji Co., Ltd
Denso Corporation- Nishio Plant                     Umetoku Inc
Denso Corporation- Anjo Plant                       Sakabe Industry Co., Ltd.
Denso Corporation- Agui Plant                        Chuo Malleable Iron Co., Ltd
Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd.- Obu Plant    Chuo Spring Co., Ltd.
Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.- Nishio Plant                      Maruei Industries Co., Ltd.
Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.- Shinho Plant                    Gifu Fujikohki Co., Ltd.
Kanbishi Co., Ltd.                              Rinnai Seiki, Inc.
Hisada Co., Ltd.
Plant / Size Site 1062㎡
Building 1F/865㎡  2F/111㎡  3F/515㎡


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Yoshida Kanagata Co., Ltd.

1-589 Bozuyama Yokone-machi, Obu
Aichi Prefecture, Japan, 474-0011
Phone: +81-562-48-3456
Fax: +81-562-46-1135

Located in Aichi in Japan Prefecture, Yoshida Kanagata performs die-casting, designs molds, and conducts manufacturing.