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Protection of personal information

Yoshida Kanagata gives due consideration to ensure all personal information provided by the customer is used appropriately and properly managed. To that end, Yoshida Kanagata has implemented the following measures.

Management of personal information

Yoshida Kanagata appoints a specific manager for handling customers’ personal information and manages all personal information appropriately in accordance with all regulations concerning the protection of personal information.

Scope of information collected and purpose of utilization

In the event that personal information, such as individual names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc., is submitted to Yoshida Kanagata by the customer, said information shall be provided to the customer service representative, etc., and the purpose of utilization shall be stated ahead of time. In addition, Yoshida Kanagata shall only collect relevant and appropriate personal information from the customer.

Use of personal information

Yoshida Kanagata shall only use personal information provided by the customer to the extent for which the customer has given consent.

Providing and disclosing personal information to a third party is prohibited

Yoshida Kanagata shall not disclose or provide customers’ personal information to a third party unless there is just cause, such as a request to disclose information in accordance with the law or with the consent of the customer.

Monitoring of subcontractors/outsourcers

In the event that Yoshida Kanagata discloses personal information of a customer to a subcontractor/outsourcer for the express purpose of utilization per the consent of the customer, Yoshida Kanagata shall carry out appropriate monitoring of the subcontractor/outsourcer, by engaging in an agreement and obliging said subcontractor/outsourcer to enforce strict management of personal information per the same standards as Yoshida Kanagata.

Ensuring and improving information security

Yoshida Kanagata shall strive to ensure information security and make continuous improvements thereof, in order to prevent the leakage, loss or alteration, etc., of customer’s personal information.

Training and staff development

Yoshida Kanagata shall carry out training and staff development so that all administrative staff and employees are not only aware of the importance of protecting personal information but also appropriately handle the personal information of the customer.

Support for requests to disclose and correct personal information

In the event that a customer wishes to make a request to disclose or to correct their own personal information, Yoshida Kanagata shall confirm the identity of the customer making the request and support it within a reasonable time period and capacity to fulfill said request.

Continuous review and improvement

Yoshida Kanagata shall strictly follow the laws and other standards related to the protection of personal information. In addition, Yoshida Kanagata shall continuously perform reviews and conduct improvements on its personal information protection measures in order to adapt to changes in the social setting.

November 1, 2011
Yoshida Kanagata Co., Ltd.
Masahiro Yoshida, President


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