Resin Molding

Resin Molding (3D printing)

Recently, rapid prototyping is gaining more popularity and attention, and Yoshida Kanagata has also begun sales for prototype modeling using ABS resin.
We primarily use this prototyping as a means to produce a sample when meeting with customers, to conduct visual checks in order to catch potential errors and to make prototypes for product models, etc.
This method is extremely economical, so see for yourself and request a quote today.

● Advantages when using resin models

♦Visual checks for unwanted modeling mistakes
♦ Ideal for making prototypes and product development
♦ After processing is possible (tap, etc.)

3D CAD data

Laminate cross-section calculation (catalyst)

Molding model

If the customer provides the STL data, or a solid model (Parasolid data), we can create a laminate model using ABS resin.
(For IGES, a separate fee incurs for model modification.)
Even if the workpiece is rather large, we can reduce the model size.
We also can bind or adhere product samples together to support large scale workpieces.

Molding fee ¥ 3000 / hour
Materials fee ¥220/m
Model forming / modification fee There is no fee if the customer provides the STL data, or a solid model (Parasolid data).


The cost of the molding method for each model varies significantly.

3D Printing
Workpiece size 203 mm (W) × 203 mm (D) × 305 mm (H)
Laminate pitch 0.254 mm (inch)
Molding materials ABS resin (2 types: 1 for models and 1 for support)
Color (for models) White (For other requests: black, red, green, blue and yellow are also available)


We offer product prototypes using ABS resin at a very reasonable price.

Examples of laminate model samples

Model style: Sparse-fine
Model: 192.72 cm3
Support: 45.15 cm3
Molding time: 18 hours

Model style: Sparse
Model: 79.64 cm3
Support: 35.31 cm3
Molding time: 7 hours 53 minutes

Model style: Sparse
Model: 28.23 cm3
Support: 16.49 cm3
Molding time: 3 hours 13 minutes

<Model Style>There are 3 processing methods for the model style depending on the model’s internal raster settings.

Type Description
Solid-fine This type is used to mold robust models, using a dense internal setting.
Solidーdouble wide This type uses a dense internal setting with a raster that is 2 times wider to create a Solid-fine finish in less time.

This type uses a more rough internal density to mold the model faster.

(This type cannot be used to mold thin-walled models)


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